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Expand training training company in Shanghai
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Spike training training companies expand training course activity process in Shanghai

      “Be prepared without cancer”,In order to make the training smoothly、Effectively,We are in before each training,Will provide a free training。 In the training,We will focus on:Active process、Matters needing attention、Students required items and the participation of students psychological adjustment before a training before“To warm up”,To ensure the trainees to understand activities, In the student personal items and student individual participation do psychological well-prepared。

A、Training needs survey
2、Curriculum design
3、Training implementation process
Four、Training evaluation tracking

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Spike training Shanghai training company security and wild outdoor development training activities experiential training matters needing attention

      Safety is most important outdoor activities,There is no security of outdoor expand is impossible to outdoor development and survival。Since the establishment of the we do well enough at the start of work safety as priority。

1.The personnel security system——The expansion of training professional teams
2.Equipment security system——Passing byUIAA、CECertification of professional security equipment
3.The operating system——Specification of specialization development ways and operation process
4.Care security system——Rapid specialized emergency system support

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Spike training company in Shanghai for the enterprise team Shanghai outdoor expand training activities successful cases
Shanghai spike enterprises expand training company is specialized in outdoor diathesis developing training training team and training division,Shanghai development coach had a group photo taken to learn more about Shanghai development coach please click here
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